Stella Backman is a London-based set and costume designer with a lifelong passion for storytelling.

She started as a performer at the young age of 7, an after-school activity that not only sparked her love for theatre, but later in life brought her to the UK where she attended drama school and acquired a first-class honours degree in Physical Theatre.

Steering away from the performance side of theatre, she began designing sets and costumes for the award-winning company The Outbound Project. She completed a Set Design for Performance course at Central Saint Martin's, and worked as an assistant for design extraordinaire Joanna Scotcher. She is also now part of the Designers and Directors programme at The Young Vic. 

Stella is also an associate artist with ZooCo Theatre Company, a charity whose majority of projects are accessible to d/Deaf audiences, using creative captioning and integrated British Sign Language. The cast and creative teams include artists who are d/Deaf, disabled, neuro-diverse, hearing, non-disabled or neuro-typical.

Stella's work is varied, ranging from creating small, intimate spaces to immersive, large-scale experiences. No matter the scale, her focus centres on creating a dynamic visual world that supports the specific needs of each story. Stella is a hands-on designer with extensive skills in scenic painting, set dressing and prop-making.

Perhaps most importantly, Stella has a strong passion for the colour orange, glam rock fashion, video game concept art, and sleeve ruffles.

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