Team Events

Engaging creatively together with your team is a great way to get that well needed escape from your busy day-to-day life. 

My painting and drawing sessions are suitable for all levels and have for the past year been enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities across the world. These 60-90 minute classes are specially tailored for your team to learn and create in a friendly a calm atmosphere whilst enjoying each other's company. It's the perfect virtual get-together where you'll get to explore creativity in a new and exciting way.


At the end of the session your team will have learnt a range of techniques and each have created a piece of art to be proud of. 

Please see more information below. For bookings and any other queries, please get in touch:


"We had the pleasure of Stella providing a fantastic one hour online art tutorial for our team. Stella’s class delivers the perfect balance between a structured tutorial and an opportunity for the team to spend time enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere. The class was perfect for every level and we were all amazed at what we were able to draw following some excellent guidance and tips. The whole team had a great time, learnt a lot and would highly recommend to anyone!"

- Ed, Bain & Company

"Stella's class was great! We couldn't believe what we were able to create in an hour. It was a relaxing and fun activity - the perfect team social. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stella and her classes."

- Rhiannon, Crest Communications

"I was lucky enough to take part in one of Stella’s virtual sketching classes and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a moment of mindfulness and calm. She guided us through pencil holding techniques, breathing and shading exercises and sketching an elephant step by step. Stella was warm, friendly and encouraging throughout and I can’t wait to join another of her virtual classes!"

- Katie, CCGroup

"Wow - a unanimously positive and wholesome experience! Our team participated in a virtual sketching class, led by Stella, who was able to help us tap into a zen state during the session. As we were guided on how to draw and shade an elephant, Stella shared simple but effective techniques, plus a sprinkling of her own personal teachings and stories. Everything resonated - clearly, as, at the end of the 60 mins, we all proudly held up our drawings and appreciated the creative journey we'd taken."

- Minty, Full Fat PR


Sketching is a wonderful way to tune in with ourselves and shift our focus from the outside world to the present here and now. No matter if you’re an avid sketcher or haven’t picked up a pencil for years, this class offers something for everyone.


In a calm and friendly atmosphere I will guide you through the sketching process and share tips and tricks that will help bring your drawings to life.


DURATION: 1 hour

LEVEL: Suitable for all levels

MATERIAL: Pencils, paper, eraser


PRICE: £200 for up to 15 people (please enquire for larger groups)

BOOKINGS: Please email




My drawings on the left, students’ on the right.

website sketching.png
Acrylic Painting

Want to dip your feet in the wonderful world of acrylic painting?


Through a range of technique exercises I will provide a thorough introduction to this versatile medium. We will learn how to paint gradients, different types of brushstrokes and how to best utilise them, blending, composition, colour theory, and colour mixing. We will then use these techniques to paint a beautiful landscape together.


DURATION: 1.5 hours

LEVEL: Beginners

MATERIAL: Acrylic painting set for beginners (please enquire for options and costs)


PRICE: £250 (+material) for up to 15 people (please enquire for larger groups)

website acrylic painting.png