Set & Costume

Different Owners at Sunrise

Role: Set and Costume Designer
Venue: Roundhouse 
Year: 2021

Creative team: 
Writer - Laurie Ogden
Director - Flo O'Mahony 
Movement Director - Chris Fonseca 
Visual Vernacular Director - Zoe McWhinney 
Assistant Director/ Young Dramaturg - Anna Rastelli 
Lighting Design - Jonathan Chan 
Video Design - Matt Farthing 
Creative Captioning and video mapping - Ben Glover 
Sound Design - Nick Gilbert 
Dramaturg - Koko Brown 
Stage Managers - Lizzie Rodipe and Pip Snow 
Access Coordinator - Fleur Rooth 


Summer's Park Adventure

Role: Set and Costume Designer
Venue: Deptford Park

Director: Becca Chadder
Year: 2021

Meet Summer the Park Ranger; she's passionate about nature and loves visiting the wildlife experts of Deptford Park. ​

There’s Theresa Green - our resident tree lover usually found breathing in the joys of the small orchard; OrKid the cool kid of the park and the biggest Chelsea fan in town - the Chelsea Flower Show that is! 

Susie Soil who loves soil, insects and getting her hands dirty - literally! And Lionel who likes to keep the park as tidy as he keeps his suits...​​

But as we all know, local wildlife and the natural world are struggling at the moment. Summer and her friends need *your* help to spread the word and keep the park bustling with life for years to come!


merry's christmas adventure

Role: Set and Costume Designer
Venue: Folkestone Gardens, Deptford

Director: Anna Fox
Year: 2020

An outdoor, socially distanced, COVID-safe performance that brought plenty of light and joy to the locals of  Deptford, London in the midst of the pandemic.

Meet Merry the Postal Elf; who, though lacking in Christmas Spirit this year, is out delivering post as usual to the local Elves of Folkstone Gardens.

There's Yule Log - the wacky baker getting his concoctions ready for the Great Elfish Bake Off; Baubelina the spritely decoration Elf always ready to add baubles, tinsel and fairly lights to any unsuspecting item; Nutty the Toy Elf who lives on the playground and is obsessed with toys and Carole, who runs the local bell choir.

But the Elves have had their fair share of problems this year. They need your help to get Christmas back on track...and hopefully find Merry's Christmas Spirit along the way.


Elephant in the Room

Role: Set and Costume Designer
Venue: Camden People's Theatre, The Roundhouse

Director: Lanre Malaolu

Fusing physical theatre, hip hop dance and spoken word, Elephant in The Room is an explosive solo that explores the mental health crisis and the phenomenon of toxic masculinity. This semi-autobiographical work, created and performed by Lanre Malaolu, takes a sharp sideways look at the insidious stigma around mental health issues, asking how race, class and culture can affect the way we choose to address them. And what happens when we don’t…

Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Supported by Arts Council England, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden Peoples Theatre, Talawa Theatre Company, The WellcomeTrust, MGCfutures and The Place.

“The ‘elephant’ is never named, but it is shown – beautifully.” – ★★★★ The Stage

“Elephant In The Room provides just a glimmer into the struggles faced by many black men across the country, and through his performance, Lanre is forcing his audience to think about this, and inevitably, sparking a much-needed discussion.” – A Nation of Billions

The Astonishing Adventures of Alfred

Role: Production Designer

Type: Webseries

Director: Joe Pearson

ALFRED, a 1950’s ten-year-old schoolboy who loves to go on wonderful adventures, has come into possession of a magical magnifying glass - through mysterious circumstances. 

THE ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF ALFRED chronicles the story of Alfred; an innocent, curious and adventurous child - as he explores the quaint British countryside, solving mysteries along his way. 

But what if Bernard actually split the fabric of time with his watch? What if The Famous Five actually got too close to a drug smuggling ring? What are the consequences of children single-handedly taking on hardened criminals and meddling with supernatural forces?

Through this pilot and ultimately three-part web-series, Alfred may discover that the power he has been gifted is too much for a child to handle.

Delight in the Woods

Role: Set & Costume Designer

Type: Box Hill

Director: Florence O'Mahony

Company: ZooCo Theatre Company

Delight in the Woods strengthens children’s creative and academic learning and life skills through immersive storytelling – the programme encourages children to free their imagination, tell their story, write what they feel and create a unique devised performance.

Created by Delight in partnership with Zoo Co and the National Trust team at Box Hill, and delivered with the support of teaching staff, the 2018 pilot saw 28 Year 3 children become immersed in ‘StoryLand’ where they encountered intriguing characters facing a range of dilemmas.

In 2019 the programme was extended and Delight in the Woods was rolled out to 8 schools.

The immersive, unfolding experience ignites the imaginations of the children and empowers them in their role as

‘The Best Storytellers in the World’.


The programme is tailored specifically to the individual children, working with the class teacher to present a truly unique and magical immersive programme.


Role: Set and Costume Designer

Type: Theatrical Production (touring)

Director: Florence O'Mahony

Company: ZooCo Theatre Company

Zoo Co present this magical and visual story complete with original music, puppets, tap dancing and even a trip to the moon! All the while celebrating the stories that explode from "The Mess".

Performed by a Deaf and hearing cast with Sign Supported English, Messy has been created in partnership with ADHD Foundation and all performances are Relaxed Performances, which means if you need to stand up, sit down, wriggle around, leave or come back in, that’s absolutely fine! There aren't any loud noises and the lights will stay on in the theatre so it won’t be too dark.

'I can't think of a show more worth your time than this one. Seek it out!' 

- ✮✮✮✮✮ Daily Info 

Installing the Whisper Piece

Role: Production Designer

Type: Short Film

Director: Mengjiao Chen

12 Million Volts

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Type: Theatrical Production (touring)

Company: The Outbound Project