Art and a Hot Guest

Art and a Hot Guest is a weekly drop-in drawing class for all levels. You don't have to have attended any of the previous classes or be skilled at drawing to enjoy these relaxing and friendly sessions.

Each week I start the session with a small presentation on an artist. These range from well known painters and sculptors to lesser known up-and-coming practitioners. We then go on to a few warm-up and technique exercises that will give a good foundation for creating the final project. Each week we look at different techniques, from stippling to hatching to sketching and from portraits to negative space and literally everything in between.

My aim is always to provide a welcoming and calming atmosphere where we can be creative together. 

When? Thursdays, 7-8pm

For who? Everyone! These classes are designed to suit all skill levels.

What do I need to bring? Paper, pencil, pens, eraser and sometimes the odd ruler or crayon. 

How much? Between £2-£5  -- you choose how much you'd like to donate.

Where? Zoom

How do I book? Please book by donating to my PayPal Money Pool at:

If you have any questions please contact:


Please head over to Art and a Hot Guest on Instagram for weekly updates.

The gallery below shows a selection of the range of techniques we have covered.